Third Grade-3rd Grade

Third Grade


Coloring Multiples
Create A Graph
Flash Cards - addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
Fraction Frenzy
Find Perimeter and Area
MathSURF - Scott Foresman math worksheets for chapter
Multiplication Connect Four
Multiplication Games

Interactive Games - Interactive Math Games

IXL - Math Resources by Grade Level
Xtra Math - Online Math Program
Scootpad - Online Math and Grammer Program


Book Pals - Actors reading children's literature
Houghton Mifflin
Doodle Splash - Teaching students to visualize what they are reading
Patricia Polacco - Author

Reading Practice Test -

Reading Comprehension Practice - ELC Study Zone has a varety of stories and lessons

Merriam Webster: Word Central

ABCYa - Intereractive Activities and Games for Reading/Language Arts

IXL - Reading Resources by Grade Level - Resources on a Variety of Topics
Acrostic - Create your own Acrostic Poem


Energy Transfer Quiz
Earth, Sun, Moon Scavenger Hunt

PBL Links

Earth, moon, and sun 

                  SchoolCenter Picture                   SchoolCenter Picture                     SchoolCenter Picture

Astronomer for Kids
Chabot Space and Science Center - Simulation of phases of moon

Characteristics of the Sun
The Earth's Moon
- Moon facts

Fear of Physics: Sun, Earth, and Moon
Inconstant Moon
Moon Facts
Moon Links - Weight on the moon
Moon Webquest - The best moon webquest ever
NASA for Kids - Space games and activities
NASAStarChild: What are the phases of the moon?

Ology: Moon watch flip book
Phases of the Moon - Simulation
Zoom Astronomy: All About Space

Zoom Zoom Song

Kids Astronomy

Nine Planets
Earth, Sun, Moon Scavenger Hunt


Healthy Bones - Hard Facts
Kidport - Science: skeleton or muscles (interactive labeling)
Children's Museum - Build your bones
Annie's Bones - Put Annie together
Human Skeleton - A diagram of the skeleton

Skeleton Diagram - Outline diagram of the human skeleton
Diagram - Human anatomy skeleton


Social Studies