Second Grade-2nd Grade

Second Grade



Place Value - AAA Math
Addition Math Games

Interactive Math Games
Math - Houghton Miffin
Math Practice  
Medal Tracker - Graph Olympic Medals
Place Value -
Shark Pool Place Value  
Primary Games - online clock
Splat Square - Students can cover a number on the hundreds board with paint
Time -
Learn about time

Timed Math Game - Online Interactive Timed Math Games

Halloween Math - Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division

Place Value - Interactive Game that practices place value - hundreds, tens and ones
Xtra Math - Online Math Program
Scootpad - Online Math and Grammer Program



Barry Louis Polisar - Pilot's 2006 visiting author
Polar Express Snowman - Polar Express fun
The Adjective Detective 


Grolier Online Passport - Amazing Animals of the World

Map Machine - National Geographic
Monarch Butterfly
National Geographic Kids
National Geographic Kids (Penguins) - Video and facts on various types of penguins  

Solids and Liquids - Science Clips Website with interactive lessons

PBL Links


The Life Cycle of a Butterfly  SchoolCenter Picture

All About Beautiful Butterflies 
Life Cycle Movie

The Monarch Butterfly


Weather  SchoolCenter Picture
Cloud Game and Concentration Game - Weather activities
Make an Anemometer
Make a Rain Gauge
Make a Wind Vane
Storm Research Words
Weather Dictionary - Find weather words and phrases

Social Studies 

Northpole - Northpole activities
Winter Olympics - Information and activities

People and Places - National Geographic website for learning about people and places around the world.

Around the World - Time for Kids website for information about places around the world.