Building Comprehension Through Movement

*Brains are for Action*

Building comprehension through movement

Elements of dance can be used in ways that allow your body to explore and express the world around you.

When used at home or in the classroom, dance and movement can enhance expression, engagement, discipline, comprehension, and motivation.

Let’s get moving! Can you show me how to ____?

 (tiptoe, jump, point, smile, roll on the floor, fall, etc.)

Learn these new words:

Adjectives: slouch, floating, slippery, prickly, tight

Directional Language: curved, straight, up, down

Math: diagonal, parallel, horizontal, vertical, circular

Science: scalding, frigid, growing, gooey

Movement can help introduce new vocabulary!

For example:

Before reading a science passage with new words, see if you can come up with ideas on ways your child can build the word or concept with their bodies (i.e. igneous rock is a very hard statue that can not be moved when I try to move it, metamorphic rock changes and compresses very slowly, and sedimentary rock is layered). Have children say the word, create the shape or movement with their bodies, and write the word. Have your child read a book that includes the new words. The new words are now already familiar and will be remembered longer!