Help Pilot Support United Way!

Pilot staff members will be holding drawings for several items that have been donated by our staff. Tickets will be sold for $1 each (we can accept CASH ONLY PLEASE), and each item has a ticket jar. You may choose which items' jars you want your tickets to be placed in so you can be eligible for the drawing for that item 
If you wish to purchase tickets, please send cash with your student in an envelope with your name, your child's name and the items for which you would like to be eligible. These will be sent to the office, and Mrs. Poindexter will put your name and phone number on the tickets and put them in the jars that you have indicated.
Thank you for supporting the United Way! 
Items for Drawings:
#1      Ring
#2      Truck in snow painting
#3      Handmade blanket (beige) & scarf (red)
#4      Handmade scarf & hat (turquoise, lavender, purple & gray)
#5      Pat's famous banana pudding 
#6      Collection of goodies
#7      Basket of goodies
#8      Pan of cinnamon rolls
#9      Handmade scarves (2) & hat (black, white, gray)
#10    2 pumpkin rolls
#11    Basket of goodies
#12    Broccoli/cheddar soup (in jars for your convenience)
#13    1 hour photo session
#14    2 doggie day care days at Pluto's Way 
#15    3 section painting
#16    Chocolate Texas Sheet Cake
#17    White tree painting