School Spelling Bee Winner!

We would like to congratulate Matthew Butcher, our School Spelling Bee Champion! Matthew is a fourth grade student, and we know he will represent us well at the County Spelling Bee. We would also like to offer congratulations to Capper Gage, our runner up, as well as all of the classroom winners who participated in our school bee. 
Congratulations to these Classroom Spelling Bee winners:
Shoal Gage
Owen Lupton
Norah Duncan
Skylar Boggs
Carter Curran
Carson Lunsford
Hayden Allen
Sara Hughes
Joy Taylor
Matthew Butcher
Conner Anderson
Madalyn Vanhoy
Hunter Huffman
Nathalia Hernandez
Lily Harris
Lisa Brinkley
Capper Gage
Chloe Ford