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Parent Resources During COVID-19

The following are resources to help parents talk to their children regarding the health concerns that are affecting our communities, as well as, COVID-19 specific child care, updates, and free meals.
We want all of our families as safe as possible!
Child Care:
Need Urgent Child Care?
If you are a parent who provides necessary services to, or cares for, members of our communities and your child care has fallen through or is unavailable because of COVID-19 closures.
Si usted es un padre (o madre) que cuida a los miembros en nuestra comunidad y el cuidado de niños se ha visto afectado o no está disponible debido a los cierres causados por el COVID-19.
Food Resources:
Free Meals for Children from Sheetz!  Follow the link to learn more.
Find pick-up meals near you.
Text FOODNC to 877-877