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Thankful Thursdays

Thankfulness, or gratitude, is a way to express our appreciation for what we have in our lives.  Each of us has to discover and build our own gratitude and learn ways that we can share it with others.  Being thankful and showing gratitude (like helping other people and being kind) helps us to create and strengthen friendships.  Being thankful also helps to increase happiness and can support a healthy mind and body.
-adapted from an article on Gratitiude from Psycology Today
Thursday, June 4th:   My Thanks to You
For our last Thankful Thursday of the school year, I want to thank students and their families from Kindergarten through 5th grade for such a welcoming year at Pilot Elementary School!  I have enjoyed getting to know you and sharing all of our learning adventures together.
I have added a page to write a note or draw a picture as a thank you to someone in your life that has helped you during this school year.  Even if you are not able to give the letter to the person directly, focusing on what we are thankful for and creating something for someone else can help to lift our mood.   (print or create your own)
Thursday, May 28th:   Special Messages
Have you ever opened your lunch box and there was a special message in there - maybe it said, "I hope you are having a good day!" or "I love you!" or "Happy Birthday!".  Unexpected special messages make people feel loved and appreciated.  You can write a note or draw a picture for someone and leave it for them to find.  Your note can be out in the open (on your person's pillow) or in a silly hiding place (in the silverware drawer).  Make sure you write the person's name on it so it gets to the correct person!  You can print the pages below to use, or you can create them on your own.
Thursday, May 21st:   My Family Tree
We have been home with our families for about 2 months.  Sometimes when we are around the same people for long periods of time, we forget to let them know how much we appreciate them.  Think about the members of your family and something special about each one that you are thankful for.
Open the link below of "My Family Tree".  The second page has leaves for your family members.  (Print the pages or create your own.)  Write each family member's name and that special thing for each person that you are thankful for inside the leaf.  Color and then cut the leaves out and attach them to your tree.
Thursday, May 14th:   Gratitude Jar
Gratitude JarEach day we have the opportunity to find things to be thankful for.  Sometimes that can be difficult because of disagreements with people around us, frustration about work or chores, anxiety and stress about our current at-home status, and a variety of other reasons.  A helpful idea is to think of yourself as an "appreciation detective" - purposefully looking for clues of moments to celebrate and be thankful for.  These moments can be big or little (something kind that is said to you, you finished a project, you did well on a test, someone included you in their game or conversation,...).  Now for the fun...
Find an empty container (The picture shows a cleaned-out parmesan cheese container).  Make a label for your container and glue or tape it on the front, or tie it around the top.  (There is a link below for the label that is shown in the picture.)  When you think of a moment to celebrate, write it down on a little piece of paper and put it into your Gratitude Jar.  At the end of each week, take the time to read through them either yourself or with someone special.  You can have your own special jar or there can be a jar for the whole family.  It's time to put your detective hat on and find those moments to celebrate and be thankful for!
Thursday, May 6th :   Gratitude Sun
A very special day is coming this Sunday - Mother's Day!  Here is an activity to show how much we appreciate the special ladies in our lives.  The sun lights up our lives and so can the people that take care of us.  In the center of the sun, draw a picture of your mom, grandma, aunt, or other lady that helps to take care of you.  In each sunbeam, write something you are thankful for to your special someone.  Next, color your sun and sky.  Make sure to give your completed picture to your special someone on Mother's Day!  (You can print the picture or you can create a gratitude sun picture on your own!)
Thursday, April 30th:
Today is the Worldwide Day of Gratitude!
What a perfect day for our first ever Thankful Thursday!  Each one of us has different people and things in our lives to be thankful for.  I am thankful that I to get to work with all of the students and teachers at Pilot Elementary!  I am also thankful for getting to learn just this morning about a program called AWW App that will let you color and draw on a picture that I wanted to share with you!  Follow the link below to share some of the things you are thankful for!