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Feel-It Fridays

I want to check in with students at the end of each week as we engage in the last few weeks of school.  Students, parents, and teachers are doing an amazing job working together during our at-home adventure in learning!
Friday, June 5th:   A Farewell Time Capsule
The time we have been at home has been an adventure.  The attached Time Capsules (the first link is K-2 / the second link is 3-5) can be used to record your different experiences and feelings over the past twelve weeks.  As you venture into summer, I hope the tools you have learned through these daily activities are helpful to you.
"The surest way to be happy is to seek happiness for others."   - Martin Luther King, Jr.  
Friday, May 29th:   Zone Detectives with Giraffes Can't Dance, by Giles Andreae & Guy Parker-Rees
Let's practice identifying feelings that we see and hear about.  In the story Giraffes Can't Dance, Gerald is experiencing a lot of different feelings.  What feelings does Gerald tell you he is feeling?  What feelings can you see him feeling from his face and body language?  What tools does he use to help himself?
You can print the following page to help you keep track, or use a separate piece of paper.
Friday, May 22nd: Finding My Tools
What do you do when you figure out how you are feeling?  You need a plan.  You need tools that help you.  The tools you use may, or may not, be the same as another person.  Some tools may work for you in more than one zone.  Match-up what works for you!
Friday, May 15th:   What is a feeling "Zone"?
It is okay to have all types of emotions.  What we do with those feelings is what counts.  Different feelings require different actions to bring us back to a calm or content state.  Feelings can be grouped together into different categories that can be called "zones".  Once you have identified what zone you are in, you can use tools to help you stay in that zone or tools to help you move away from that zone.  The tools a person uses are individual to each person, but they do have certain things in common.
Feelings Zones
The first step is figuring out where you are.
Green: This is our goal zone!  We either use tools to stay here or to get back here.
Blue:  If your feelings are in this zone, you need tools to get you energized or distracted. 
Yellow:  If your feelings are in this zone, you need tools to help calm, distract, or get the energy out.
Red:  If your feelings are in this zone, you need tools to help calm, distract, and refocus.
Part of figuring out what to add to your personal "toolbox" is figuring out how your physical body feels in that zone, or state.  What is your body doing?  Are you: relaxed, loose muscles, even breathing, heart pounding, tight muscles, shaking, hot, mind swirling with thoughts, numb, hands fisted, curled-up in a ball, focused, screaming (either in your head or out loud), can't stay awake, arms and legs tense, chest heavy or tight, heavy breathing, rolling on the floor?  Some of these can be in more than one zone.  How do these things match-up to the zones?  Follow the link to match them up on your own.

Don't forget to do your Feelings Friday Check-In! for this week!  (Deactivated for the summer)
Next week we will look at how to build our toolboxes to help you stay in a zone or to move away from a zone!
Friday, May 8th:   Feeling Heart 
Lots of feelings can happen in a week.  What are some of your feelings for this week?  Follow the link to print a heart to color your feelings from this week or the link to color your week's feelings in the AAW App or you can create your own on a piece of paper!
To print: Feeling Heart  
Don't forget to do your Feelings Friday Check-In! for this week!   (Deactivated for the summer)
Friday, May 1st:
We all have our ups and downs.  What can you do with them?  Click the link to let me know how you have been feeling this week during your at-home learning.
Feelings Friday Check-In!   (Deactivated for the summer)