EBOB Parade!

There were students lining the hallways, holding signs and cheering for our EBOB (Elementary Battle of the Books) Team as they headed for the activity bus. The competition was held at Denton Elementary, and there were several activities and surprises planned for the competitors. A pet food drive was conducted for the pets of Meals on Wheels participants, and the students were able to participate in a MakerSpace in which they made chew toys to be distributed to those animals as well as some of the animals in shelters. Participants also watched Barbara O'Connor as she congratulated them on their hard work, and she announced that each student was receiving a signed copy of her book Wish. 
We are extremely proud of our students! They displayed excellent teamwork, working together throughout the competition to answer questions on the books they have been reading over the past several months. Our team consists of Capper Gage, Sarah Clodfelter, Chloe Ford, Alyssa Beck and Hunter Huffman.  Great job, Team! Thank you for all of your hard work, and for representing Pilot in such a positive way! Special thanks to everyone who has supported us this year!